Coffee as in the past
a Oppido Lucano

The company Escaffè was born in 1998 from the idea of two brothers, who decide to create a coffee brand with their own name: Esposito coffee. The Esposito brothers become, therefore, part of the coffee world since 1971, starting a sale dealership of bar furniture and coffee machines for Faema Spa.
It’s through the installation of the first vending machines in the few factories of the regional county seat, that an activity, which from about thirty years sees the Esposito brothers as protagonists in the whole territory of Basilicata, has been developed.

Passion and long-time experience


The company owners experience in the field of vending machines consolidates year after year. During this experience, the two brothers became dealers of brands which were already affirmed on the market and thanks to the close relationship with the brands of this field that an intuition, which will change their life forever, is developed. Not only boldness, but first of all a demonstrated experience on field are the foundations of a project destined to leave an indelible sign in the history of Oppido Lucano. So in 1998 the roastery Escaffé was born and the Esposito brothers became entrepreneurs of the product they distributed before.

Escaffè is the equivalent of blends of quality and passion for coffee, distributed not only in Basilicata but also in different European and Asiatic countries thanks to an efficient net of agents. The logical internal organization is able to offer the customers complete and efficient commercial conditions, which will amaze and involve them.
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Passion for a good coffee

Roasting means knowing the raw material: only with an appropriate roasting, the green coffee grains become friable, light, dark brown and scented and they will so sweeten our breaks. In order to obtain a perfect result, Escaffé constantly works at the research for small and special coffee harvests, the plantations of which are mainly located in the tropical areas. The geographical area of origin is not ever synonymous of excellence because in the same country qualitatively different varieties of coffee can be cultivated.

The cup shows a dark and exciting drink, but the same cup represents the last piece of a complex weave, the variables of which decide the result in the cup… and in Euro!
There are different classifications that take into consideration:
-form and size of the grain (the sieve) . The screening is obtained by sifting the coffee with sheets with calibrated holes, the diameter of which indicates the sieve. This classification ranges from 8 to 18. Escaffè always buys coffee with sieve 18, the first selection of commercial coffees.
-coffee faults and impurities. The coffee producer makes various selections after the harvest: broken grains, grains with the form of a shell (called “mumps”), damaged grains by insects, stinker grains (caused by mistakes in the drupe stripping; only one of these can damage the whole sack of coffee).
In addition to the faults, the possibility to find among the grains a series of elements which are extraneous to coffee must be taken into consideration (stones, small pieces of timber, metallic items). For the company Escaffè the elimination of faults and impurities is at the basis of each purchase and this is possible thanks to a correct samples analysis which foreruns the supplies.


Escaffè works by conducting its values tied to love for coffee of quality. This has contributed to obtain in 2005 the certification ISO 9001:2008 by the company. A further guarantee of the quality offer.


The selection of the raw materials to use in the production process includes cogent parameters that range from the quality of the blends to their organoleptic composition.


The roasting procedure submits the coffee to a metamorphosis. Thanks to this process the grain looses 15-20% of its weight and humidity, increases 60% in volume, assumes a dark colour and emanates aromas which will confer a specific taste and smell.


Escaffè wraps its own blends in various formats of 0,5, 1 or 3 kg in grains. Instead the ground coffee is sold in vacuum-sealed packs of 250 gr. The 1 Kg format presents the typical unidirectional valve which allows to preserve and conserve the whole aromatic intensity of the grains.
Moreover, all the blends are available as practical single-dose bags.


The distribution net of the company Escaffè is based on a commercial organization, which is dynamic and well-structured, grounded on the professional skills of its sellers, who work to take care of the relationships with customers.